As of 2021 I am using Unreal Engine in order to develop a project for a client at Kalpa s.r.l.. During the development of the project I learnt some of the internals of Unreal Engine and how to use them including:

  • Compute Shaders
  • Render Graphs
  • Custom Mesh Rendering
  • Custom Editor Components (with Slate UI)
  • Basics of DirectX 12

In addition to this, I have become an active contributor of Unreal Engine, mostly by providing bug fixes and code refeactoring that have been included starting from version 4.27.1. Most of them are related to the project above and are mostly for embedding Unreal Engine into other applications.

Unreal Engine Logo


In addition to developing software in a professional capacity, I have also developed some projects in my spare time.

Most of them are abandoned or on hold at the moment in order to pursue hobbies which are not directly related to my work.