A photo of Mattias Cibien wearing sunglasses

My life in pills

A little dive through the years

  • Belluno: my first years

    View of Belluno

    I was born in Belluno on 8th of May, 1990, a small city in Veneto, surrounded by the mountains. I also lived in Vittorio Veneto, southern of it, for some years of my life.

  • Udine, where I started to take shape

    View of Udine

    In 2009, as I always had a passion for computers and programming and after doing some coding in my free time (mostly C# and C++), I moved to Udine in order to attend the Computer Science course.

    During this time I was able to improve my study skills and learn more about the world of IT.

    Aside from the classic Algorithms and Data Structures courses, I also took one on Realtime 3D Graphics and others on Software Engineering and Compiler Constructions. While the latter was not actually my thing I started to develop skills that were useful during my whole career.

    I also developed quite a lot of side projects, one also financially supported by a local non-profit organization, opened my website and joined the Microsoft Student Partners.

    I got my bachelor degree in March 2013.

  • Milan: the beginning of my career

    View of Milano

    Just after graduating I was offered an intership of 5 weeks in Milan which evolved in my full time jobso I moved to the big city for the first time.

    Here I made different experiences with different companies, enjoyed the city and cultivated my passions for music and games. I also saw other parts of the world including the United States.

    Unfortunately my life took an unexpected turn so I moved away and changed job another time.

  • Monza: enjoying life at its fullest

    View of the Villa Reale of Monza

    I did not move much far from the big city but in the end this was one of the most welcomed changes in my life. While I started to work on my music more seriously, in November 2022 I decided to join BindingFuture and began working on projects in the field of AR and 3D Graphics.